Ice cream parlour

We have been having a lovely time buying ice creams in our ice cream parlour. We are learning all about coins and paying for things. It would be great if the children can investigate coins at home too.


Celebration for the royal wedding

What an amazing day we have had! The children have worked so hard at making their own sandwiches. They have carefully spread the margarine, jam and lemon curd and then folded them in half and cut them. They really concentrated on their knife skills. We then filled our plates with all the tasty treats for our afternoon tea. The children then decided how to set up outside and we enjoyed our plates of yummy food together. Thank you FROGS and parents for making this possible.

Walk the Wight

Tell me about your medals.

“We got these cos we did walk the Wight”.

“We did it yesterday. We had to run and get to the finish line whenever you can.”

“We did 2 miles but I did 6 miles because I walked round in a lot of circles. I was really tired then.”