Christingle Assembly

We have had a wonderful Christingle service in the hall. We made our own Christingle candles through the service as we learned about what each part means.


Trip to the donkey sanctuary

We had an amazing but chilly morning at the donkey sanctuary. The children listened carefully about the donkeys as we had a guided tour around, including in the staff only section as the children were so well behaved. I think the donkeys loved the carrots we took up and fed to them as well as all the pampering and stroking they received. The children had a lovely array of hats on and the donkeys took a shine to them… I think they thought they were yummy treats.

The Donkey Sanctuary were very grateful for the donations and said thank you. I would also like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Flood who came along to help and also treated the children to some very yummy cakes in the cafe.

Slips with costumes on

Tonight the children are bringing home slips with what they will need for their costume. Reception class are either a star, donkey, cow or chicken. For the animals the children will just need clothes that are the approximate colour of the animal and we will be making head dresses in class to go with them. If you have any issues regarding the costumes, please come and see me. Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday.